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Kenny is available in the following configurations:



Piano, electric keyboards, effects pedals and award-winning vocals take audiences on vibrant, unpredictable musical journeys in the realms of classical, folk, jazz, soul and gospel.

With Stephan Becker Trio

A chance meeting on the band stand of a jam session in Barcelona brought Stephan and Kenny together. Their common roots in the classical and jazz idioms meld into an exciting, rich fusion with detours into funk and experimental.   [VIDEO]

With Soulful Nerd

Sharing the name of his artistic persona, Soulful Nerd – the band, is Kenny’s original pop configuration.  Fusing electronic, funk, jazz and gospel in new and exciting ways, they are certainly a must-see experience.   [VIDEO]

Workshops, Masterclasses & Keynote Speeches

Kenny’s years of experience as an educator, entrepreneur and recording artist has given him lots of insight on a wide range of topics including:  Vocal Performance & Health, Improvisation, Social Media & Branding, Discovering One’s Uniqueness, Networking, Songwriting, Profitable Artistry, How to Release Music Independently, Dream Realization, Anti-Bullying [VIDEO]

Surprise Serenades & Home Concerts

Gift a loved one with an unexpected live performance or simple enjoy the funky little inclinations of the Soulful Nerd with some friends at your home. (various instrumentational options available) [VIDEO]

Recording Sessions

His extensive career includes years of experience in the studio as both a vocal arranger and coach.  [CLIPS]



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